Moldova Wine Guild is an association of leading Moldovan wineries.

Our members are working together to promote their wines on the international stage through joint marketing initiatives.

What do people say about Moldova wine?

My first visit to Moldova was eye-opening to say the least but I keep going back for more — the country gets under your skin. There's a fascinating range of unique local varieties, exciting flavours and always a warm welcome. Come and taste a snapshot of what Moldova has to offer."
Caroline Gilby MW
May 2008
Moldova has all of the right ingredients for its wine to gain firmer ground in the quality international market. Its wine-growing culture is ancient, the terroir is very good, and it has the vineyard area to support solid production quantities. The Moldova Wine Guild is a perfect example of wineries coming together to show the world that their wines are indeed of very good quality as well as having a clear identity; wines that consumers can enjoy and trust."
Darrel Joseph
May 2008
A new generation of high-quality wines is formed in Moldova. All these products have value and these wines can be confidently presented at world class contests and expect the highest appreciation. This refers not only to the wines presented at the master class in Moscow. It can be referred to most of the Moldovan wine products."
Igor Serdyuk
Prodexpo, Moscow
February 2008
...I think it did give a positive impression and gave good grounds for optimism for the future of Moldovan Wine. As to Moldova itself; it was a realistic appraisal and helped to show some of the challenges that the country and the wine growers face and how far they had come from a few years ago... The wines were excellent, and exceeded my expectations... The Guild will need to be careful to differentiate themselves from any other wineries which do not have the same quality standards...undermining their efforts in the UK and Europe..."
John Jeffrey
Provenance Marketing, UK
Q&A, Moldova seminar LIWSF 2007
Moldova is very good for the Pinot family, and particularly in the north there is lots of potential and a major production of sparkling wine... The Moldovan’s can’t afford pesticides and most of their vineyards are organic... All of the wineries participating in the Moldova Wine Guild are investing in good equipment... There is room in the UK market for Moldovan wines."
Robert Joseph MW
Moldova seminar LIWSF 2007
May 22, 2007

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